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New Track, Different Name!

2014-07-11 20:06:04 by dashmyoku

I've recently decided to ditch this very old-school handle of mine. Since there isn't a way to simply change my username, I've gone ahead and created another account! Sh0rtCircuit is most definitely me, it's my handle and I feel like some people from the speedrunning community are more likely to recognize a name they know, compared to a name they can't possibly know of!


With that being said, I literally just uploaded a new track ( Check out the link if you care for a listen. For those of you that half-way keep up with my music, could you do be a big favor and follow my new account? I won't be uploading any new music to this one, but instead of just leaving everyone in cold water, I decided to at least give you all a heads up.


Hope to see you on the flip side! - Sh0rtCircuit


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